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Business Leaders Series

This series of videos highlights leaders in business sharing their thoughts on leading people, shaping businesses, and how values play a part throughout their leadership.

From impacting decision-making to shaping culture, values clearly matter. Below are eight insightful interviews that may bring value to your leadership. For a quick sample of the value offered here, watch the 49 second trailer.


Mike Aman

Founder, One Source Communications

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Glenn Burrell

President, Sun States Security

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Cheryl Hunter

Former Owner, 3 McDonald’s Franchises

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Chris Bingham

President, CEO – Riley Life Logistics

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Robert Barker

President & CEO – Bob Barker Company


Miriam Baer

Executive Director, North Carolina Real Estate Commission


Greg Woloszczuk

President & Co-Founder, GMW Carolina


Bruce Clarke

President & CEO – CAI

Short Highlights - The Business Leader Series

Just a few snippets from each video...